Feature Release December 13, 2016

Add Camera Enhancements

When adding a camera, some settings can be edited while waiting for the add camera process to complete. Name and tags are presented for editing while adding. Clicking “more settings” allows editing the On/Off/Schedule, Time Zone and Notes.


From the Dashboard, click the green “+” next to an available camera.


As soon as the “Add Camera” dialogue appears, enter the name and any tags.

There are two choices to eixt the Add Camera dialogue:

    1. “Save” saves the device names and any tags and then closes the dialogue returning to the dashboard.
    2. “More Settings” opens additional camera settings.

Camera preview image will appear once the streams are set and accepted between camera and bridge.


“More Settings” that are available

  • On/Off/Schedule
  • Name
  • Login
  • Time Zone
  • Tags
  • Notes
  • Information

After the camera is fully initialized, all camera settings panes will appear (Retention, Resolution, etc.).


Camera settings can be accessed anytime from the Dashboard by clicking the gear icon.