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This blog addresses cyber security best practices in the physical security industry.

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Spectre & Meltdown

January 23, 2018|

Introduction Spectre and Meltdown are most egregious in the case of arbitrary third-party code execution, such as in shared-tenancy situations (e.g. cloud service providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, [Read More]

Latest Threat: Reaper

November 20, 2017|

Last year Mirai malware hit 500,000 IoT devices and launched DDoS attacks. Now, a new malware has been identified by researchers at CheckPoint that is surpassing Mirai by hitting millions of IoT devi [Read More]

Most Severe Breach

October 4, 2017|

Equifax, the credit reporting company, just experienced the most severe data breach in history. This breach exposed sensitive information, including Social Security numbers and addresses, of up to 143 [Read More]

Devil’s Ivy Update

August 8, 2017|

In July 2017, cyber security researchers discovered a serious flaw, which they named “Devil’s Ivy”, that exists in nearly all cameras supporting the popular ONVIF specification. The flaw allows hacker [Read More]

Beware of Cloud Imposters

July 20, 2017|

We recently had a discussion with a customer regarding the cyber security of their “fake cloud” provider for access control. They had been sold a bill of goods for an access control system that was s [Read More]

Petya Ransomware

July 18, 2017|

One of Brivo’s large international customers (who shall go nameless due to confidentiality) was a victim of the recent Petya Ransomware virus. The virus infected a large number of their Windows machi [Read More]

WannaCry Ransomware

May 23, 2017|

Unfortunately, hackers are always coming up with new ways to make money and exploit systems. Cyber is no different. The WannaCry ransomware breaks new ground in its reach, use of bitcoin, and success. [Read More]

Cloudflare Security Bug

February 27, 2017|

Eagle Eye Networks does not use Cloudflare - a website performance enhancement service. There was a relatively severe security issue detected by Tavis Ormandy at Project Zero in the Cloudflare servic [Read More]

Cyber Attack – D.C. Cameras

January 31, 2017|

Over the past few months, more and more IOT devices, including DVRs, and cameras, are being reportedly compromised and proven vulnerable to cyber attacks. Most recently, the Washington Post reported t [Read More]

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