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Security & Business Intelligence VMS For Your Business

Flexible cloud & on-premise storage – same smooth interface
Unrivaled cyber-security, encryption, secure remote viewing
Clear images, Bandwidth optimization, analog & IP camera support

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Offline camera & system alert enhancements
Synchronized history window viewing, Multi-view cameras support
Real-time zooming, Unlimited motion regions

On-demand deployment with continuous upgrades

Our next generation cloud video surveillance evolves with your business
APIs for multi-site integration & analytics.

Customers speak out about the Eagle Eye Cloud Security Camera VMS:

Lawrence PD Mobile Video Surveillance“The Lawrence Police Department needed to be able to see multiple locations on one interface and they needed to be able to share logins with several different people. We turned to the cloud-managed Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS because it was extremely easy to deploy and provided secure remote access.“The high-quality images we get can then be retrieved via a smartphone, tablet, or web browser.”

– Dennis Bouchard, director of operations, East Coast Security

StonegateEntrance“We have a gated community, and given my own background in security and software, I knew exactly what I wanted in a security camera system for our entrance and exit. Eagle Eye Networks met my criteria.Eagle Eye not only had the mobile access we needed, but its off-premise recording means we don’t have to worry about anyone tampering with our video evidence. By having the Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS in place, we are offering our residential community a greater feeling of protection.”

– Phil Burks, Vice President, Stonegate Communities

“We have had a couple of security related incidents occur and were able to use the Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS to quickly and easily do the forensic search to identify the people involved.Eagle Eye fully encrypts the video, so we know the content is completely secure – this is an absolute requirement for us.

Eagle Eye does all the video management, so I can focus on other operations rather than worrying about managing system software or hardware.”

– Sarah Cox, Operations Manager at Capital Factory.

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