Eagle Eye University is a series of online and in-person classes available for Authorized Eagle Eye Networks Partners, led by certified Eagle Eye instructors.

In-Person Training:
Upcoming in-person Advanced Technical Training held at our headquarters in Austin, Texas:

Month Days  Weekday
Apr 19 – 20 Wed – Thu
Jun 21 – 22 Wed – Thu
Aug 23 – 24 Wed – Thu
Oct 25 – 26 Wed – Thu
Jan 24 – 25 Wed – Thu

Online Training:
These online training courses can be taken at any time:




The Sales Training is a 60-minute, live web-based course customized for your team. This will be led by your Eagle Eye Networks account manager.

The course covers features and benefits, positioning and key verticals, common objections, product training, the quoting and ordering process, and more.

Who should attend: Sales representatives, estimators, system designers, branch managers, marketing, business development


technical training 101-01

The Technical Training 101 course is an online, web-based course. It is made up of videos and quizzes that you and your team can take at your own pace. Expect it to take 2.5-3 hrs.

The course covers common configurations, product training, handling bandwidth, initial set-up, and much more.

Who should attend: Team leads, system designers, technical support, technicians, installers





The Advanced Technical Training is a two-day course on-site in Austin, Texas.

The training is extremely hands on, with each student getting their own equipment to work with.

After completing the Advanced Technical Training, you will be able to independently install and configure Eagle Eye products, as well as understand every setting and how it works.

Who should attend: Team leads, technical support, technicians, installers

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